03 November 2013 @ 10:37 am
I'm not quitting, but I'm switching stories. I think I joined too late and didn't do enough prep time on the fic I had planned. Instead I'm going to take a WIP fan fic I let languish and try to get it done. *clucks in shame* Bad me, but I really want to do the other story justice and I can't without a little better research and planning.
01 November 2013 @ 09:43 pm
Title: No Title As Yet
One line summary: Survivors of genetic experimentation return home but find themselves exposed, threatened, and endangered once more.

Current word count: 2,202
29 October 2013 @ 02:03 pm
Anybody else doing NaNo? Want to be writing buddies?
19 October 2013 @ 11:43 pm
Okay, I actually think I'm doing NaNo this year. First off...I'm pretty sure I'm crazy. I need to decide which of the stories I want to try and write 50K on. I am seriously mental.