02 September 2020 @ 01:40 pm

Caiti's Master Fic List

Welcome to my master list! I will update with links as stories are added.

A major debt of gratitude to Van for my absolutely fabulous banner!


Widow's Choice


Warriors of Light Series WIP
A. The Ingathering - WIP

1. The Ingathering
2. Decoding
3. Secrets
4. Blood Trails
5. Psychics
6. Siblings
7. On the Road
8. Scooby 101
9. Brothers Meet Scoobies
10. Laying Claim

Criminal Minds

New Vistas for the Tech Goddess


On the Run...Again
Serenity's Witch


The Almost Blue Christmas

Hunger Games

Home is Where the Heart is
Mended Hearts
Still Sisters


A Haunted Past
At the Dinner Table
Home 0, Away 1 - Crossover with The Magnificent Seven
Lighting the Fuse
Such A Tiny Thing
The Breakfast Job
The In-Between Job - Part One and Part Two
The Sexist Job

Magnificent Seven

In the Cards

1. Jack of Clubs
2. King of Clubs
3. Ace of Clubs

Stand Alones

According to the Ladies
And Again
Chosen of Fate Part One and Part Two
Code Black Part One and Part Two
Home 0, Away 1 - Crossover with Leverage
Just Another Day
Memories - Old & NewOverprotective
Out of Unconsciousness
Random Love
Remembering the Seven


Who We Were, Who We Are, Who We Will Always Be


Busman's Holiday

Stargate Atlantis

A Bad Feeling
A Place to Belong

Tin Man

Freedom Series

Freedom Series

1. A Revelation
2. A Gentle Hand
3. Justice Denied
4. Ready to Run
5. Releasing the Chains
6. Within Our Grasp
7. A Nickname for Love
8. A Return to the Beginning WIP
a. Chapter 1
b. Chapter 2

Stand Alones

The Crown of Ozma

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